Why Should You Shop Local?

Why should you shop local
Jack Grant
Jack Grant

Founder and Co-owner

Rather than shopping at large, big-box stores or online, many consumers chose to shop at small, locally-owned shops. At ChiLocal, we support and encourage others to start shopping locally as well. Here are some impactful reasons why we want to support and empower people to shop local.

Top reasons to start shopping locally

Invest in your community

Local businesses are crucial to the development of our neighborhoods because they create jobs and grow local economies. When we spend money locally, the taxes benefit our community and better our lives by growing the city revenue for improvements to roads, schools, and parks. And of course, local businesses employ local workers which creates jobs in the community.

Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community and are invested in the city’s future. Many small business owners volunteer, donate to local non-profits, and participate in community festivals. Bottom line – if we want our communities to continue to thrive and develop, we should invest in it.

Be friendly to our environment

Local businesses are more likely to shop with other local businesses, requiring less transportation. So, depending on the business and the type of products, you are reducing the environmental impact of your purchases. Local products don’t create large carbon footprints through overseas plane travel or long truck trips, which cuts down on fuel consumption, congestion, and pollution.

Keep your community unique

One of Chicago’s many perks is unique and vibrant neighborhoods. This is not only great for visitors but also provides quality and convenience for the residents. Where we shop, where we eat, and where we play – all of it makes our community home. Local businesses are an integral part of our local communities that play a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of your home and property.

Buy high-quality products

It’s true that the products that you buy locally can seem more expensive, but they can also be of higher quality. As we mentioned in our previous post, the reason we started ChiLocal is that we value the products that we can buy locally. “When we buy food at a local grocer or a farmers market, we can tell the difference in quality. When we get cookies from a local bakery, we can taste the love. When we buy a souvenir or art at a local gallery and send it to our family out of state, we know that they will never find anything like it outside of Chicago.” Local stores carry inventory you might not find at a chain store, since local business owners choose products based on what their customers want and often carry unique items from local artists and farmers.

Why do you choose to shop local? Let us know in the comments below!

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